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Braided silicone tubes / Pressure tubes

Development and customer specified production of tubes and profiles made of HCR Silicone-rubber

Braided silicone tubes / Pressure tubes
Silex manufactures pressure tubes (braided with different fibres) as standard version or customized according to special requirements. The standard tubes are made of polyester braided silicone tube coated with a thin silicone tube as fixing.

As well as for non-reinforced tubes, the whole range of different rubber bases is available hence the tubes could be developed according to your requirements or specifications. The common used textiles are polyester (monofile), glass fibre and aramide (polyamide).

Polyester monofile
High pressure and dynamic resistance.

High pressure resistance, high temperature resistance (> 200°C); low dynamic resistance.

Best compromise in terms of temperature and pressure resistance.

For higher pressure resistance it is possible to produce "multilayer-tubes".

Burst pressure of standard tubes (internal test Silex / water)

Dimension, mm 6ID x 3WD 9,5ID x 3,7WD 19ID x 5,8WD
HCR-Silicone-rubber SX 70 SX 70 SX 70
Burst pressure,
bar at 20°C, approx.
60 40 28
Burst pressure,
bar at 40°C, approx.
54 37 27
Burst pressure,
bar at 60°C, approx.
48 35 25
Burst pressure,
bar at 80°C, approx.
39 27 22
Burst pressure,
bar at 90°C, approx.
35 25 20

The test results are only indications and in no way binding. The pressure tests were made with special fixings. Standard fixing as clips or clamps may lead in lower burst pressures.

Pictures of our Braided silicone tubes / Pressure tubes

When your desired requirements are not listed in the above, please contact us. The diversity of silicone products is too big to list them all on this page.

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